Behaviour Festival Glasgow 2014



Five positions of contemporary African art curated by Martin Baasch.

FUTURE REFLEXIONS assembles five contem- porary artists whose works are based on live art and body based practices and deal with images, stereotypes and visions of Africa today. They use various ways to undermine the expectations that might exist towards African art and stage joyful games, colourful masquerades and absurd affir- mations of their supposed otherness. The works which have been shot all around the globe, from the US to Korea, from Paris to Nairobi are challen- ging common parameters of cultural heritage, belonging and identity. Using pop visuals and video clip aesthetics, the works seem to be quite accessible on first hand but deeply question a globalized “western” gaze towards the represen- tation of cultural belonging.

works by

Bobb Muchiri (KE) Wura-Natasha Ogunji (US) Jelili Atiku (NG) Dennis Feser (DE) Jim Chuchu (KE)

BEHAVIOUR 2014 The Arches ́ festival of live performance

The Arches Glasgow 253 Argyle St Glasgow G2 8DL, UK